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Artistic DevelopmentActivating Our Vision and Mission

The Artistic Development Department activates and operationalizes the artistic vision and mission of Arena Stage. Guided by the vision and interests of the Artistic Director, we ensure the work onstage meets Arena Stage’s high standards for quality, clarity and purpose, while fostering the creation of new work and supporting creative risk-taking. Through programs such as the Public Arena and the Cradle Series, we develop and deepen Arena’s connections to audiences and artists. With the American Voices New Play Institute, we foster the creation of new work and support playwrights in their process both locally and nationally. The Artistic Development department also cares for the artistic health of the organization, nurturing the involvement and artistic fulfillment of staff across the Theater. Working collaboratively and creatively, the Artistic Development Department is guided by the core values articulated in Arena Stage’s Artistic Strategy:

  • Pursue excellence in all aspects of our endeavors as artists, administrators, and pioneers of the American theater.
  • Create a work culture that reflects and borrows from the culture of the rehearsal hall in areas of collaboration, trust, risk and working towards a single vision.
  • Ensure financial sustainability.
  • Create an environment that fosters loyalty, pride and relies on humility and generosity.
  • Build a dynamic and powerful artistic community both local and national.
  • Champion diversity throughout the organization and within the community.
  • Cultivate an engaged and diverse audience of all ages.