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2016 Activities 4-Week Intensive

First Daily

Aerial Art (8-12) Erin

Art doesn't just have to hang on a wall! Get ready for art that spins and twirls, high above your head! In this Daily, we will create mobiles, lanterns and other 3D works of art that hang in the air, using everything from natural objects to cardboard to wire. Channel your inner Alexander Calder and explore the world up there.

Fashion Design (8-12) Jamila

Style is part of who you are! Enter the world where style, imagination and art meet. There will be an introduction to fabrics, including folds and drapes, as well as textures, colors and patterns. We’ll design and illustrate our own garments and experiment with some basic sewing too.

Electronic Dance Music (8-12) Roc

Techno, funk, hip-hop, dubstep: some of the most popular music we hear today is made entirely inside a computer. Driving rhythms, thumping bass beats and soaring melodies – learn how to play your computer like an instrument!

CAS Newscast (8-12) Ky’Lend

Washington is the news capital of the nation. Learn what it takes to be a nightly news anchor or reporter. Film, produce and edit news packages as you try being behind and in front of the camera.

World of Shakespeare (8-12) Kerry

Comedy! Tragedy! History! The Plays No One Does Often! William Shakespeare wrote many different types of plays, and people still love them centuries later. We’ll explore the many sides of Shakespeare and explore his plays through performance, video, writing and drawing.

Myths, Legends & Tales (8-12) Sean-Maurice

Become the stuff that myths, legends and tales are made of! We will use our bodies, voices and imaginations to recreate short plays from stories and traditions of cultures near, wide and far, creating an interactive theater experience.

Disney Favorites (8-12) Jonathan

Is Disney music a Part of Your World? Is singing important in your Circle of Life? Be Our Guest and join this Daily in which you learn more about singing the music you know and love! We’ll work in groups small and large on songs from Disney musicals past and present, and bring Honor To Us All!

Contemporary Dance (8-12) Marcus

A combination of modern dance and lyrical jazz, we will start with a full-body warm up, execute dynamic sequences across the floor and learn varied pieces of choreography to different styles of music. Learn to fly, to fall and to dance between the edges!

Pick-Up Sports (8-12)

Get outside, run around and play some sports! Be part of a team, playing games like soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, wiffle ball, volleyball, kickball and Capture the Flag. The focus here is teamwork, not competition. All are welcome!

Spectacle! (8-15) Matt

What makes a show spectacular? Learn about the various design and performance elements that go into creating a piece of visually-driven theater that is a public event. We will then create small-scale spectacles of our own.

Ukulele (8-15) Dave

Ukuleles have become a favorite instrument of popular musicians. Designed for beginners with no experience, in this Daily we will learn how to play songs, scales and chords on this fun little stringed instrument. Each week we will put together a group performance with opportunities for solo performances, too. Bring your own uke or borrow one from camp.

Fabric Mod (12-15) Lizzie D.

Learn how to design your own textiles! This Daily is an introduction to variety of dyeing, painting and sewing techniques to MODify fabrics! Prepare for focused work with tremendous results.

Watercolor (12-15) Marina

Welcome to the world of washes, translucent color and the “beautiful oops.” We will learn about brushwork, value and composition as we create images from life and our imaginations. Try your hand at this challenging, but stunning medium.

Studio Production (12-15) Patrick

Are you a fan of news programming or daytime talk shows? This is the Daily for you! Learn the basics of a studio show and all the people that make it happen. We’ll work to producing our own news or daytime talk show and learn a thing or two about game shows too.

Get Real w/ Chekov (12-15) Adi

Anton Chekov was one of the greatest playwrights to ever live. Through intense realism and total truth he told stories that pull at your heart strings and rock your lungs with laughter. In this Daily we’re going to focus on realism and emotional honesty to create powerful scenes.

Devised Theater (12-15)

Instead of starting with a script, devised theater starts with the actors in the room and their ideas. Learn how to create evocative, ensemble performance pieces using movement, poetry and personal writing. Arena Stage is nationally renowned for its devised work with middle and high school artists.

Hip-Hop Dance (12-15) Minilik

Learn the latest moves from this cutting edge hip-hop class that will work your body from head to toe. Each class consists of three sections: a warm-up, an across the floor combination and a dance routine. Learn about hip-hop culture, feel the beat and, most importantly, have fun!

A Cappella (12-15) Abby

Who needs instruments when you’ve got a “pitch perfect” ensemble of singers? Learn to harmonize, provide percussion, hold your own part and work as a tight ensemble as you sing a cappella arrangements of songs. Singing experience required; experience singing in parts a plus!