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Second Daily

Art Collision (8-12) Julia D.

What happens when Monet goes splat with Dr. Seuss? What would an underwater rainforest look like complete with seahorse humming birds, and Venus fly trap sharks? What if Picasso designed a hot air balloon? Can you sculpt a menacing flower? Challenge your creativity in this Daily where mixed media is the norm.

Fashion Design (8-12)

Style is who you are! Enter the world where style, imagination and art meet. There will be an introduction to fabrics, including folds and drapes, as well as textures, colors and patterns. We’ll design and illustrate our own garments and experiment with some basic sewing too.

Creative Writing (8-12) Fareed

Do you love to write? Is your brain bursting with stories? Are you a poet who knows it? Join us in the Writers Lair for a creative journey that requires only a notebook and your imagination.

Comedy Styles (8-12) Adi

The best laughter is medicine! Or was it the other way around… In this exploration of comedy and what tickles our funny bone, we’re going to work on several different comedic styles. We’re talking about everything from slipping on banana peels to how to tell a knock knock joke. This Daily is sure to leave you smiling.

Voices of Now (8-12) Ky’Lend

Get a taste of Arena Stage’s internationally recognized drama and writing program, Voices of Now. In one short session, we’ll learn how to work as an acting ensemble to use our bodies, voices and imaginations to create a short play. Our mission: create great art together and change the world!

Small Group Voice (8-12) Jonathan

Every voice has something distinct and special about it. Every vocalist has music that lights them up and, in turn, moves an audience – to dance, to smile, to cry, to cheer. No matter what the style, we’ll find the music that suits you. We’ll also try our hand at some group singing along the way. Warning: all participants must love to sing!

Beg. Rock Band (8-12) Erik

Are you a young musician who is ready to rock? Join our rock band! Playing with other people on real instruments is more fun than playing a video game. We will choose a band name, play cover and original songs and rock out on our instruments. All instruments and voices are welcome! No experience required.

Hip-Hop Dance (8-12) Brandon

Learn the latest moves from this cutting edge hip-hop class that will work your body from head to toe. Each class consists of three sections: a warm-up, an across the floor combination and a dance routine. Feel the beat and, most importantly, have fun!

Improvisation (8-15) Matt

Learn the basics of creating theater in the moment, and explore a world of unscripted playtime. Try out characters, imagine environments, and work with fellow campers to improvise scenes! Best for campers new to improvisation.

Jewelry Studio (12-15) Joy

Are you overflowing with jewelry making ideas? Build on the skills you have and discover challenging techniques and designs, including more complex wire work, in this more independent studio class.

Field Production (12-15) Patrick

For campers with past experience in our video production classes, get ready to get to work! We will surpass the basics of video production and move on to more advanced productions, producing 4 videos in one session. Get ready for a challenging yet rewarding few weeks to produce some of the best videos CAS has ever seen.

Graphic Design (12-15) Liz

Learn how to arrange, shape, manipulate and enhance text and images. We will learn how graphic designers use principles of design to create everything from posters to stamp books to logos and more!

Turning Points (12-15) Raymond

The deed is DONE! In this scene study Daily, campers will explore climactic moments of the greatest scripts. Betrayals, daggers, and death scenes: this Daily is sure to be a dramatic part of the day!

Mask & Movement (12-15) Kerry

Are you ready to learn how to fully use your body as a performer? Are you ready for the next step as an actor? We’ll explore movement techniques from Anne Bogart, Michael Chekhov, The Dah Theatre, Rudolf Laban and others as rehearsal tools for the actor. Dance/movement clothes should be worn.

Musical Theater Dance (12-15) Maria

In musicals, when a character can’t express themselves in words, they sing. When singing isn’t enough, it’s time for a dance break! Explore different styles of musical theater dance, and learn show-stopping numbers.

Solo Voice (12-15) Pamela

Ever want to be on Broadway? Do you picture yourself on The Voice? Come discover the music most suitable for your voice or singing style and learn important singing techniques. At the end you’ll have a performance-ready solo piece that is all you.