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You, Nero

NOV 25, 2011 – JAN 1, 2012

Illustration by Ruth Marten

By resident playwright Amy Freed
Directed by Nicholas Martin

in the Fichandler

Extras & Insights

“Because the people don’t KNOW me. And I just got to thinking. Why not use the STAGE! They love it, I love it! The STORY of ME!”Nero, You, Nero

From the Wings

Drafting a Despot: In Conversation with Amy Freed text
Engage in a conversation with Associate Artistic Director David Dower and Resident Playwright Amy Freed on comedy, history and Nero

Spotlight On….

Nero Claudius Caesar: Fact & Fiction text
Uncover the myths and facts behind Emperor Nero’s legacy

The Road to Nero textphotos
Journey through the life and times of Rome’s notorious emperor

Making Monsters, Making History text
Director of the American Voices New Play Institute Polly Carl investigates the art of storytelling from You, Nero to HBO’s Rome

Theater of Ancient Rome: A Tale of Gladiators and Greeks textphotos
Experience the spectacular entertainment of Ancient Rome

Human vs. Hero text
Dissect the meaning of hero in Equivocation and You, Nero

Pens, Paints and Power textphotos
Learn about the relationship between art and state throughout history

Out of Time textphotos
Discover the use of anachronisms in Equivocation and You, Nero

You and Your Image: How Reality TV Redefines textphotos
Explore the relationship between gladiator games in Nero’s Rome and reality TV


Too Wicked and Cruel to Mention by Name? textphotos
Curious about how Nero’s name has evolved over time? Check out our list of notable appropriations

You, Nero Study Guide textphotos
Peruse our comprehensive study guide, developed by Arena Stage’s Community Engagement Department.

Extras & Insights is funded, in part, by a grant from the National Endowment of the Humanities.

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