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Other Desert Cities

APR 26 – MAY 26, 2013

by Jon Robin Baitz

directed by Kyle Donnelly

on the Fichandler Stage

Insightful Comedy-Drama

“Telling the truth is a very expensive hobby.”

After a six-year absence, Brooke Wyeth returns to her Reaganite parents’ Palm Springs enclave for the holidays. But the warm desert air turns chilly when news of her upcoming memoir threatens to revive the most painful chapter of the family’s history. Perception and reality grapple with love and mercy as old family wounds are opened, childhood memories are tested, and the Wyeth clan learns that some secrets cannot stay buried forever. Full of surprisingly touching moments, Pulitzer Prize nominee Jon Robin Baitz (A Fair Country) brings dysfunctional family drama to new heights in this witty, deeply enjoyable work NY1 called “one of the best new plays of the decade.”

Other Desert Cities is sponsored byShugoll Research
and the generous volunteer usher corps of Arena Stage

The 2012/13 Fichandler Stage season is sponsored by Dr. Jaylee Montague Mead

“Riveting performances …
Exemplary style and devastating impact … Cunningly compassionate.”Washington Post

3 and a half stars
“A funny, darkly accurate portrait of a slice of American life.”Washingtonian

“An intense, funny drama.”
“Full of humor and spirited dialogue.”Washington Examiner

“A delicate balance between biting comedy
and strife-ridden drama.”Broadway World

“A cool, captivating examination of the cracks in family myth
and the slippery nature of truth.”
“Compelling drama.”
Helen Carey “is marvelous… nails the role
in a commanding performance.”DC Theatre Scene

“A fun ride.”Huffington Post

“Razor sharp wit … Will make you howl with laughter.”Woman Around Town

“Bryggman … is truly riveting.”EGDE Washington

American Voices

Jon Robin Baitz

“I was sitting at a beach with my notebook, and I’m thinking about how to get back into [writing] and what matters to me, and I just sort of self-destructed at Brothers & Sisters. I had written about personal events that implicated other people in some way, that I hadn’t taken into account the consequences, and I found myself very much like the character in my play … a writer who is a dangerous creature.”

“And I had a note to myself, ‘play about daughter of a famous family who writes a book about her growing up in this family,’ something like that; ‘the danger of telling the truth that turns out to be a lie.’”

— Jon Robin Baitz, playwright

Other Desert Cities runs
approximately 2 hours plus intermission.

Please note there will be cigarette smoking in this production.

Interviews with the cast

Q&A with Helen Carey

Q&A with Larry Bryggman

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Other Desert Cities